Style J


One of the important elements in designing a space is to decide the materials to be used in it. This process is a part of realizing the spatial identity and is the most efficient way to present the concept developed by the design team. For style J, uncommon materials were applied to the exterior to emphasize the identity of the space and at the same time to heighten the recognition.

And the interior, too narrow to adopt diverse designs, was finished by Oregon pine plywood and dynamic oblique lines, successfully reflecting the spatial quality of a beauty salon.

The tent introduced on the cut side evokes of a club, not being a material normally used. The exterior design, which doesn’t give a hint as to the purpose of the space, more than draws the attention of the passersby it stimulates their curiosity. The oblique tent and the sign illuminated in red make an intense first impression.

The dynamic slanted lines on the outside continue to the inner lightings. The Oregon pine plywood and exposed decoration were applied to the floor, wall and the ceiling of the narrow interior for simplicity. While exterior accentuated by the red lighting provocative, the interior appears more calm and natural. The oblique lined of ceiling lights, which cross one another, are linked to those of the exterior. The mirrors on the walls were installed in different heights to reinforce the sense of dynamism.

Design : YOON SPACE . Yoon seok-min

Executive Design : GIL Design . Kim Jong-gil

Location : Wonmi-gu, Bucheon-si, Gyeonggi-dol, korea

Function : Hair shop

Area : 75m2

Finish-Floor : Clear Urethane on pine plywood

-Wall : Plastering on Exposed Surface

-Ceiling : Paint on Exposed Surface

Construction : : GIL Design . Kim Jong-gil


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