Bennigans the kitchen

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스케치 평면도

Dark wood finish, dimmed lighting, and colorful pendants. These cliché vintage elements in most casual dining restaurants are now overly familiar with general public. Thus Bennigan’s has launched a new brand themed with ‘Well-being life’ that fully embodies the influence of the brand and enables the customers to feel the looseness of leeway and the value of life in their hectic schedules.

Bennigan’s The Kitchen in ilsan aims at the concept of ‘space in the forest, forest in the space’. The overall space is bathed in subdued colors, and the steel pipes running across the ceiling in different directions produce a cozy atmosphere of a dense forest. The space is largely divided into three zones by steel pipes a giant pillar on the center of the hall acts as a main art object that reminds of a tree. Lying beyond the hall is a terrace that mirrors in terms of style the traditional exterior façade of bennigan’s in the U.S. The pipes create yet another fun by making ambiguous boundaries. In the rooms, transparent glass and the repetition of frames on the ceiling and walls were harmonized to connect and at the same time separate the space. The gable roof, representing a home, holds the visitors in its arms.

Along with the rhythm of sensuous indirect lightings, the warmth of the flooring and partitions against the white background completes a bright and casual restaurant.

Design : YOON SPACE . Yoon seok-min

Design Team : Shin Hwa-young, Lee yong-hoon, Go yu-ri

Location : Junghang-dong , Ilsandong-gu , Goyang-si , Kyeonggi-do , korea

Function : restrant

Area : 777m2

Finish-Floor : Wood Flooring

-Wall : Paint

-Ceiling : Exposed Ceiling , paint

Construction : Barunson co . Itd / Bennigans (kim Hee-chul)

Photographs : Indiphos (Song ki-myoun) , Mac Studio ( Yoon Jae-hyun)


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