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The small-scale optical store ‘NOON’ is located alongside with nine competitors, thus calling for a differentiation from others. Thus the designer applied the name ‘NOON’ on the signboard for to attract the attention of passersby and evoke their curiosity with the glimpse of a ceiling object.

Inside the entrance, you can see a wide slanted wall covered with silver mirrors and fabric in also a danger of making a mess. However, based on the profound understanding of the unique characters of the material, the designer dared to conduct the experiment, creating an original space.

The silver mirrors installed inside the store face each other to generate a layered look and reflect one another to make various images repeatedly. They not only fulfill the amusement and curiosity of the customers, but also allow them to experience mystic tension as well as spatial expansion. To ensure a spacious hall, the function rooms were located in the back of the store and maximized the front area for exhibition and showcase. The ceiling was finished with pure white coating so as to highlight the silver mirror lighting fixture, which plays a role of a sculptural element and at the same time of an object.

Design : YOON SPACE . Yoon seok-min

Design Team : Jo Won-yeop , Lee Jung-eun

Location : Junggye-dong, Nowon-gu , seoul , korea

Function : shop

Area : 45m2

Finish-Floor : Polishing Tile

-Wall : Paint , Wallpaper, Silver Mirror, Sheet, Metal Fabric

-Ceiling : Paint, Silver Mirror

Construction : YOON SPACE

Photographs : Lee Joong-hoon


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