Kitchen 98

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As a collaboration work by ceramist Gil-Young Jung and spatial designer Seok-Min yoon, who have been friends from childhood, bueok 98 in Yangjea-dong, Seoul is a where sculpture, vessel and space harmonize with one another. The exterior catches the attention by the contrast between the rough white wood finish and the slightly angled black entrance. The ceramic work of a sitting person and a door handle stimulate the curiosity and lead the people into the interior space. The transition area at the entrance not only reduces the temperature difference of inside and outside but also gives off an atmosphere of a gallery, increasing the anticipation for the space. The hall in white contrasts against the bar finished in black steel and divides the area in a natural way. Ceramic dolls and vessel by ceramist Gil-Young Jung, and woodcraft by Sung-soo Kim, Feng Zhengjie`s painting of a unique facial impression in intense red color, enriching the ambience. While having a drink, customers could appreciate art works, which are rotated regularly. On the ceiling is a perforated bronze mirror plate to which objects are hung by fishline, reflecting the light in various directions offering different views according to where you stand. Sport rail lighting shines dimmed light onto tables to ensure privacy for each and present an atmospheric dining bar.

Collaboration of a spatial designer and a ceramist has created a vital space where different elements are combined.

Design : YOON SPACE . Yoon seok-min

Design team : COLOURED by/(Lee Yong-hun, Park chang-min) ,

YOON SPACE (Go Yu-ri, Yoon Eun-byeol) / Painting : Kim Sung-Soo

Location : 98-2 Yangjae-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul, korea

Function : Dining Bar

Area : 92m2

Finish-Floor : Expose Epoxy

-Wall : Steel Sheet, Wood, Stain

-Ceiling : Expose Epoxy, Water Paint, Cotton Spray

Construction : COLOURED by

Photographs : Indiphos . Song ki-myoun


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