호산 산후조리원 01

호산 산후조리원 05 호산 산후조리원 17

호산 산후조리원 19 호산 산후조리원 21 호산 산후조리원 22 호산 산후조리원 24 호산 산후조리원 26 호산 산후조리원 30


Postnatal Care Center of Hosan Women’s Hospital located in Apgujeong provides a unique a unique space where the couple can enjoy the second honeymoon with the new born baby under the concept of boutique hotel.

There is a lobby space with variegated wall in front of elevator. The square windows with different sizes have a variety of colors which attract the attention of visitors. The ceiling is finished with mirror barrisol, which creates more extended space.

The corridor is finished with simple white color unlike luxurious lobby, added with straight indirect lighting to one side, which induces natural traffic line. in addition, the square modules with lighting on the ceiling are patterned with the floor, which stimulates curiosity. Unlike the achromatic corridor, the room floor is finished with stripe bolone to create active space. The wall and ceiling are designed for relaxation and vigor to coexist in a calm atmosphere.

This place provides a comfortable space where a family can take s rest with children like a family travel.

Design : YOON SPACE . Yoon seok-min

Design team : Ko Yu-ri, Yoon Eun-byeol

Location : shinsa-dong, gamnam-gu, seoul, korea

Function : Hospital

Area : 269 m2

Finish-Floor : Bolon, Tile

-Wall : Veneer, Paint, Wallpaper, Tile

-Ceiling : Mirror Barrisol, Veneer, Wallpaper, Gloss Barrisol

Construction : PHASE ID. Kwon yong-seok

Photographs : Indiphos . Song ki-myoun


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