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In general, shops in the large shopping mall have long rectangular shape, and they stand in a row. ‘ELBON the style’ in Galleria Department store Cheonan shows the unconventional shop design in the large shopping mall.

There is a space in the shape of long tunnel on the floor plan. At another sites similar to this site, the space like long tunnel is blocked and used as warehouse. Designer has a lot of esteem with the fact that he created an unusual space under the same condition as the other sites.

There is a reason why this space like long tunnel should be paid attention to prior to its differentiation from the other shops with the correct understanding about display method pursued by ‘ELBON the style’, a select shop selling the expensive products. Black area at the deep side of white shop creates VIP zone different from the façade of this shop. The designer expressed exactly what ‘ELBON the style’ wanted to tell, only with the black & white color and the floor plan. In other words, this space expresses minimal sexuality implicatively.

Except the floor finished with Bolon, the whole space is finished with black&white color which leaves a strong impression to visitors by dividing the façade of shape into two, the white hand painting background and the black cube.

This space is motivated by curved line in order to enable the visitors to feel comfortable. End of a surface connected from the wall to the shelf naturally is finished with the soft curved line. Delicate detail like this treatment with curved line makes this space look more elegant and classy.

Hangers and shelves for displaying are used not as functional element but as an element but as an element to complete space design. After all, the shelves and display cases are finished with lines and sides, and all the elements of the space soak into the space perfectly as the background. What looks the best in this cleanly-arranged background is nothing less than the products displayed in this space.

Black VIP zone at the deep side in the shape of cube is finished with black steel plate, and a mirror placed in its deepest side enables the space to look more expanded. LED lighting is inserted into the end of the shelf at VIP zone, and the line of strong light attracts the eyes in the space enclosed by black sides.

Design : YOON SPACE . Yoon seok-min

Design team : COLOURED by/(Lee Yong-hun, Park chang-min) ,

YOON SPACE (Go Yu-ri, Yoon Eun-byeol, Shin hwa-young)

Location : Cheonan Galleria Department Store ,buldang-dong ,seobuk-gu, cheonan, chungnam, korea

Function : Select shop

Area : 167 m2

Finish-Floor : Bolon, HR Plate

-Wall : HR Plate, Hand Painting

Construction : COLOURED by

Photographs : Indiphos . Song ki-myoun


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