Culture Club Lee&Go

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The newly renovated Culture Club Lee&Go is located in cozy nature, surrounded by trees and mountains. While the existing residence was rather plain relative to the beautiful and refreshing environment, the new space boasts its originality by adding boldness to the existing building, with a hope of giving happiness to inhabitants. The space id refined and unique on the whole and the use of various textures maximizes the sense of coldness thus strangely contrasting with nature.

The exterior façade features repetitive layered modules to compensate the existing façade with too high and awkward canopy. The otherwise bold and serious feeling was changed into a rhythmical and unique element, introducing the beginning of the spatial character. Here, the indirect lighting reduces the coldness of finish materials and gives more color to the façade.

The entrance in black steel maximizes the modernity, and the stimulates the curiosity.

The interior makes the best of the high ceiling and uses cultural elements as decoration. A large lighting fixture is hung from the 6-meter-high ceiling, and the miller barrisol visually extends the space to infinity. The3-meter-long steel wire lighting objet, a handmade art work of a sculptor, is reflected to the barrisol and produces a dreamy feel as if one is transported to a different space.

The black steel occupying a side of a living room and the black urethane flooring, which is linked from the first floor sitting room, kitchen and staircase and to the second floor hallway, maximize a modern and cold ambience and show a striking contrast with nature. The irregular modules applied on the walls and floor maintains rhythm and uniqueness even in a cold atmosphere, and with the help of LED lighting oozing from the floor modules, they make it difficult to tell the direct light from that of the reflected, presenting a sensuous space.

With moderated color and an elegant appearance, the designer emphasizes the mass in the kitchen. The most common pendent lighting is replaced by acrylic rectangles positioned in an order then the LED lightings give an effect of dropping light, removing the monotony and functioning as a design device.

Design : YOON SPACE . Yoon seok-min

Design Team : Bae Gi-hui , Kim Myeong-suk , Kim Song-mi

Location : Jung-dong , Giheung-gu ,Yongin-si , Gyeonggi-dol, korea

Function : Residence

Area : 250m2

Finish-Floor : Urethan

-Wall / Ceiling : Paint

Construction : YOON SPACE . Bae Gi-hui , Kim Myeong-suk

Photographs : Shin Ji-hwan , Yun Jae-hyeon


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