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Relaxation in different places is fun!

Outdoor living space ‘ Albang ‘

We always dream to travel and take a rest in different places.

This project was planned to make a never experienced space, not hotel, tents, camping car.

Space looks like a giant ‘egg’ can move so you can go anywhere you want to stay.

Not just for accommodations, The designer wanted to suggest a maximum space with a minimum things. and it is given the concept of ‘Outdoor living space’.

Although 6㎡ (2.1 square meters) of small space, eight of uniformly placed ‘Albang’ are provide architectural fun.

‘Albang’ look the same, but each of them has different colors on door to have their own unique characteristics. and it is called by their color.

‘Albang’ looks like a sculpture or a architecture, but it wasn’t characterized.

it has specific meaning by itself with peculiar ambiguity.

Rater than just seen, We used Environment-Friendly Materials to harmony with people.

EPS Expanded Polystyrene used as the main material. It is economical, lightmess, thermal insulation, mobility, incombusticility, waterproof. more over it has seismic effects, aerodynamic effects, convection effect, so it can be used safely.

We obtained a patent for design and We are planning to build ‘Albang’ continuously.

This project is all the more meaningful in that ‘Albang’ is made by hand, not using moldable FRP.(A long time hand-carved to make EPS from 600m / m to 125m / m. )

The designer was design ‘Albang’ for people making memorable travel in a ‘unique’ place, not in a ‘best’ place.

Project_ Outdoor living space ‘ Albang ‘

Location_ Korea Seoul Gangwon_do yangyang-gun Sonyang-myeon OsanBeach

Size_ 6.9m2

Wall, Ceiling finishes_ EPS Expanded Polystyrene

Floor finishes_ P- Tile

Architect_ Y- Space-design (Seokmin Yoon) +82-2-575-8166 / Song Pyoung R/D (Park jungsu)

Construction_ Song Pyoung R/D (Park jungsu) +82-53-426-2768

Photo_ Indiphos (Gimyoun Song) +82-31-704-1970


ALBANG”에 대한 2개의 생각

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    Please contact me as soon as possible.Thanks


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